Commitment free

So that you can see the results we generate on Facebook, we offer a commitment free 7 days to make sure you are happy with the return SocialEM will generate for your business.

Facebook Reinvented

Facebook is an untapped resource in terms of marketing potential. Our approach is unique. We get your message in front of hundreds of thousands of people every day, day in-day out.

Guaranteed Results

We offer an unconditional, no results, no fee service. The first 7 days are completely free of charge, and without commitment, if it does not work for your business, just cancel.

Why Choose Us

We are users

SocialEM was developed due to a lack of an easy way to market our own services on Facebook. It started off as an idea, a simple idea – there has to be an easy way to get our message in front of the huge marketplace that is facebook.


After watching my wife, repeatedly posting her messages across Facebook and getting decent return, I realised, that if we can get our message in front of a bigger audience, the return will be incremental, the bigger the marketshare, the bigger the return.

Lift Off

What we have developed is unique in the marketplace and our approach is also unique. We will not take more than one business that covers a fixed geographic area with the same product. This ensures that you, as our client, have the biggest possible chance of getting your message across without diluting it.

What Makes us Different ?


We are so confident that we can generate results for your business, we are 100% committed to the idea, that if it does not work for you within the first few days of starting a campaign, you do not need to pay a penny and are free to cancel at any point.


With constant re-investment within our development cycles, we are constantly looking at new and better ways of getting your message out there.