Yes, all accounts come with an initial 7 day trial in order for you to make sure this is for you.  Once the Direct Debit is setup, it takes around 10 days to go live, during this time, you are free to use our system as much as you want to make sure it works for you, if it does not, just cancel before the first payment goes off your bank and its not cost you a penny
Yes, we operate 100% within facebooks guidelines on what an app can and cannot do. Our application is built using Facebooks Graph API v2.x.
The messages are posted via your own Facebook account, so you are always the first point of contact your clients will have.  We never post on your behalf.
All payments are managed via GoCardless and we operate a weekly or monthly Direct Debit, depending on your plan.
Your account is 100% covered by the Direct Debit guarantee, as as you are in control, you are free to cancel the DD at any point. As soon as you cancel the account, your account with us will also be terminated.
No, you are not tied into any contracts of any kind. Your account runs, while its active. At the end of the day, our aim is to generate business for you, if we are not doing that, then their is absolutely no reason for you to stay with us